New Book entitled, "Endangered and Transformative Childhood in Caribbean Small Island Developing States" by Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee

This book examines childhood in four Caribbean SIDS (Barbados, Jamaica, Haiti and St. Lucia). Through the analysis of primary and secondary data, the author reveals that children in Caribbean SIDS experience an endangered childhood. The intrinsic characteristics of SIDs, including susceptibility to climate change, and high levels of poverty, indebtedness and inequality, Henry-Lee argues, increase the vulnerability of children. Furthermore, duty bearers are not adequately investing in children, private and public spaces are not child-friendly, and children’s rights are violated daily. Endangered and Transformative Childhood in Caribbean Small Island Developing States shows that children are therefore at risk of being left behind in the fulfilment of the UN2030 Agenda and that the Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) lacks enforceable sanctions. Unless a radical transformation of childhood takes place, the prosperity and viability of Caribbean SIDS will remain elusive for generations to come. Students, scholars and policy-makers with an interest in childhood studies, children’s rights, and social policy will find this book a valuable read.

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