Professor Henry-Lee, Aldrie

University Director

Professor Ghany, Hamid

Professor of Constitutional Affairs and Parliamentary Studies and Director, SALISES, St. Augustine

Bailey, Corin Dr

Senior Fellow

Lazarus, Latoya, Dr

Research Fellow

Northover, Patricia Dr

Senior Research Fellow

Bailey, Arlene Dr

Senior Fellow

Dietrich Jones, Natalie Dr.

Research Fellow

Lashley, Jonathan G. Dr

Senior Fellow

Leslie, Dacia Dr.

Research Fellow

McCree, Roy Dr

Senior Fellow

Parey, Bephyer Dr

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mohan, Preeya S. Dr

Research Fellow

St. Bernard, Godfrey Dr

Senior Fellow

Williams, Kevin Dr

Senior Research Fellow

Mrs Johnson-Coke, Yhanore

Research Assistant and MPhil/Ph.D. Candidate

Miss Paul, Annie

Publications Officer

Mrs White, Thelma


Mrs. Newman, Nadine

Senior Librarian

Mr. Leach, Richard

Manager, Derek Gordon Databank

Miss Harris, Kara

Administrative Officer

Mr. Spence, Orin

Marketing Officer

Amos-Davis, Sonia Mrs

Administrative Secretary

Miss Mighty, Rushana

Administrative Secretary

Miss Reynolds, Sammara

Administrative Secretary (Acting)

Miss Dunn, Christine

Administrative Assistant

Miss Gohagen, Noella


Mrs. Williams-Dyer, Staciann


Mr. McTaggart, Richard

Senior Library Attendant

Mr. Williams, Romeo

Driver / Attendant

Bignall, Janet Ms

Senior Office Attendant

Mr. Fisher, Robert

Office Attendant

Stewart, Taimoon Dr

Associate Senior Fellow

Williams, Khadijah Dr

Honorary Consultant

Clarke- Okah, Willie Dr

Honorary Consultant

Nelson, Kenisha Dr

Visiting Research Fellow

Rhiney, Kevon Dr

Visiting Research Fellow

Professor Benfield, Warren

Gordon, Andre Dr

Edge, Dawn Dr

Jameson-Charles, Madgrie Dr

Professor Crichlow, Michaeline A

Dunn, Leith Dr

Ricketts, Heather Dr

Professor Leach, Melissa

Williams, David Dr